Review the Best Chromebook Sleeves and Cases for 2017

Now that you have that new Chromebook, you might be wondering what the best way to carry it around.  After all one of the main features of a Chromebook is their slim design and lightweight portability so throwing it in a backpack or a purse is certainly an option.  If you want a little more protection and want to keep that Samsung or Acer nick free, then take a look at some of the reviews of these cases, sleeves and bags that will help your Chromebook from fading fast.  The rooCASE Sleeve is our #1 pick and is available for right around $20, so you won’t break the bank.  The majority of Chromebooks sold today are around 11.6 inches including the best selling Chromebook, so the choices for that size are a little more plentiful, but their are still plenty of options for those Toshiba 13″ and HP 14″ Chromebooks.

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Chromebook Sleeves and Cases Guide 2016

ModelSizesColorsMaterialPriceCustomer ReviewsRating
ModelSizesColorsMaterialPriceCustomer ReviewsRating

11.6 InchBlue Green Orange Purple RedBubble Neoprene Sleeve$$$Customer Reviews Five Stars - Lifetime Warranty

Google Sleeve
11 InchGray White Black Custom fitted sleeve$$$$Customer Reviews

Runetz Sleeve
11.6 inch & 13 InchChevron Blue Pink Purple Black Blue GreyForm Fitting Sleeve with Faux Fur Lining$$$Customer Reviews Slim Profile

11.6 inch 13.3 inchBlack & PinkNeoprene with impact foam$$Customer Reviews Good Cushioning

Amazon Basics
Samsung, Acer, & HP Chromebooks Blue Purple Green Blue OrangePolycarbonate hardshell fitted case$$$Customer Reviews Top Hard Shell

Case Logic
11.6 inch 13 inch 14 inchBlack onlyForm fitting sleeve with top load access$Customer Reviews Best selling Sleeve

Amazon Basics
11.6 Inch 14.1 InchBlackCarrying Case with pockets and shoulder strap$$Customer Reviews/a> Best Seller

Case Logic
11.6 inch onlyBlack Silver Blue Purplemolded EVA sleve with handle$$$Case Logic Reviews

11.6 inch 13 inch 14 inchVariety of Patterns & StylesCanvas with cushioned lining$$Varylala Reviews

11.6 Inch 13.3-14 InchPink Purple Blue BlackDiamond Foam & Neoprene$$Customer Reviews Almost 5 Stars

Case Sleeve Reviews and Customer Experiences

rooCase Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve

The rooCase is a really solid choice for those that want  the best.  The neoprene bubbles and invisible liner add little details to this Chromebook case that really give it that extra style and polish.  It’s available in a number of stylish two tone colors and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  It comes with a second pocket that can hold your accessories or other items.  This is a great looking case that will really set off  your Chromebook nicely.

Great looking case. Stretches for the power adapter to fit in the bag so your not fighting with the zipper. Cool feeling inside, makes me Chromebook happy. – cody

This is the best price for a case of this quality that I have found anywhere in the entire universe. – Steve

Love the size, quality and color of this product! Chromebook fits nicely into sleeve case and is lightweight yet durable. – Chelsea

AmCase Chromebook Sleeve/Case

There are a number of reasons why this best selling Chromebook case tops our list and the price point is definitely one of them.  At just over $10 this budget friendly case comes in a couple of different colors, black and pink.  It also has two different sizes, one for the 11.6 inch Chromebooks and the other that will fit the Toshiba 13 inch Chromebook.  While it is primarily a sleeve so it fits your Chromebook snugly, it also has a handle so you can carry it like a case.  It’s made of Impact Foam padding and gives it protection all around.  Users lauded the zippered pouch for storing extras such as cables and chargers.  The inside is lined with a white fur-type texture that is soft and will help prevent any scratching to your new device.

More functional and self-sustainable than other cases: The handle can be used to hold the laptop solo (which most cases don’t seem to have); the case is thin, smooth, and small enough to be put into a backpack like other cases; the case has a side zipper that can hold the charger (which most cases don’t seem to have) – Ryan

This sleeve fits my Chromebook perfectly and still has a little room at the sides for a notepad. The zippered pouch for the power cord is plenty big. I love it. – Rachel

This has turned out to be a really good purchase. It fits the Acer Chromebook with a little wiggle room. The cord and charger will not fit in the case, but that’s not a problem for me. I’m glad I purchased this sleeve. – Aeryn

2.  Case Logic LAPS-111 Chromebook Sleeve

Case Logic has been making cases and coverings for a long time, so it’s no wonder they top this list with their sleek Chromebook sleeve.  This sleeve seamlessly wraps your laptop to provide protection with a super slim profile that won’t take up extra space in your bag.  It’s a top loader with a zipper and a slight woven texture to add some subtle detailing to the case.  It is lined with impact foam padding that protects your Chromebook with a decidedly low profile.  There are a variety of colors but most seem to be only come in sizes larger than 11.6.  So if you have one of the larger size Chromebook this might be your top pick, because case sizes go all the way up to 16 inch.  Also this is one of the cheapest options which makes this an even better choice for your Chromebook

The case is soft with a few millimeters of foam. It isn’t going to save your computer, but it will keep it from small scratches and dings while its being transported. – Nicole

I am delighted that it also provides some aesthetic satisfaction. The color is a solid inky black, with no lighter threads in the design. The Case Logic logo on the front is small, with the yellow-orange square of half-sun that pops out stylishly and yet is unobtrusive. The woven webbing on the sides is a nice nifty touch. – Betsey

Great price for this item. Great, vibrant color. Excellent price. – WandiNY31

3.  Amazon Basics Case

If you need a carrying case over just a sleeve, then you might want to look at the Amazon Basics Case.  This case could eliminate the need to carry a backpack or over the shoulder bag because it has room to put other accessories such as wallet or cell phone.  It has plenty of zippered storage along with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.  This is easy to see why it’s a best seller with a low price point and plenty of functionality.  If you are looking to customize though you might want to look elsewhere because it just comes in black, but if you want a basic Chromebook bag then this one does it all pretty well.

Well I am simply surprised. I have 4-5 other netbook cases and this one is significantly better than all of them, for a lower price – MWebb

This AmazonBasics Netbook Bag is just perfectly simple. No frills or thrills, it just does it’s job and does it’s job well. – J. Brooks

Love the case and the room it provides. Well made and not a bad looking case at that. Bought this for my Chromebook and it’s a great fit. Holds the charger and mouse and whatever other things I may need when transporting.   – Jean

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case

This hard shell case, will offer your Samsung Chromebook protection while customize it with it’s bright neon colors.  This is  a custom fitted case so you need to buy the one that fits your Chromebook and only certain Chromebook models are available.  The polycarbonate material fits around your Samsung like a second skin.  It offers protection from scratches but probably won’t protect it from large falls.   It also offers retractable feet on the bottom of the Chromebook to give it a slight incline for more comfort when you are typing.  There are nine different colors to choose from, so you can give your Chromebook a personal touch.

Perfect for protecting my Chromebook and making it look even cuter. Snaps on and stays put, blue was exactly as pictured. – Abigail

it clicks right into place and stays on, it looks really clean and neat, and it has 2 feet that pop out of the bottom to prop the computer up a bit if you like. – K.G.

So I purchased this to eliminate the dents and scratches. So far so go. Color is modern. This is not a drop protective case. So be mindful. Helps avoid bumps and bruises. – Wise Shopper-nista

Evecase Diamond Foam Neoprene Sleeve

This zippered sleeve has a unique diamond texture and comes in 4 colors that make it stand out from the crowd.  It has a white fleece type lining which cushions your Chromebook from those bumps and bruises.   It’s offered in both an 11.6 inch version and a larger version, so it pretty much covers any Chromebook that is on the market.  If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your Chromebook, then take a look at the Evecase because the reviews prove that it’s a winner.

I use it for my Acer C720 Chromebook, and love it because of the color, the strength and its fit! It also fits perfectly into the front pocket of my carry-on suitcase. – Inga

It is a perfect, roomy but not excessive fit. The inside of the well-padded case is smooth and lined with soft fabric, making it easy to remove and replace the Chromebook. There is a little extra space around the edges, not so much that the Chromebook is going to slide around, but enough so that you can get a grasp on it without a hassle. – Goldwave

Ordered and had it in two days. Fits my HP Chromebook 11 with enough room for the charger and a mouse. Durable neoprene material, love the padded outside for extra protection. I got the hot pink. Love it. Would definitely order again. – K. Ortega

Varylala Bohemian Style Canvas Sleeve

If you truly want to personalize your Chromebook then look no further than the Varylala Canvas Sleeve.  This unique product lets you choose from 8 different bohemian patterns and styles.  They really look great and come in a variety of sizes that cover most Chromebooks.  The exterior is canvas with a fluffy lining for the interior.  It has  a dual zippered enclosure for easy access.

At first i was scared the padding would be to thin but i was wrong! its great and super soft. The design in BEAUTIFUL i constantly get compliments on it. – Tutu

Fit perfectly. Really cute in person. Satisfied customer. Was snug at first but made it work and seems to have stretched a bit. Would buy another. – Candygt86

Use this for college to carry my MacBook Air, protects my laptop while it’s on my desk and when it’s in my backpack. Even prevented damage from a small spill. Very stylish and does the job – Ambrea

Metric USA Chromebook Case

This uniquely designed black and red case is perfect for your 11″ Chromebook.  If fits well on all Acer and Samsung Chromebooks and is a cost effective way to protect your laptop against spills and falls.  It falls somewhere in between a sleeve and a case but has a nice sleek look and a padded interior to ward off any scratches.  A great choice for those on a budget.


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