Toshiba Chromebook 13 vs HP Chromebook 14 Reviews


With the release of the Toshiba CB35-A3120 13.3 inch Chromebook this year,  it’s getting harder and harder to make a decision of which Chromebook is right for you.  There are now a number of Chromebooks with decent specs, that can be had for under $300 and if you want a comparison with all of them, then check out the Chromebook Ultimate Buying Guide to decide on one over the other.  The Toshiba 13 and HP 14 both hit that sweet spot of larger than most of the Chromebooks that come with 11 inch screens but aren’t the ridiculousness of the Chromebook Pixel with it’s over $1,000 price tag for what is still a Chromebook.   First lets take a look at the specs for each machine.

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Toshiba  CB35-A3120 13 & HP 14 Chromebook Specs

Toshiba CB35-A3120 13.3HP Chromebook 14
Screen Size13.314 Inch
Screen Resolution1366x7681366x768
Processor1.4 GHz Celeron 2955U1.4 GHz Celeron 2955U
Graphics CoprocessorIntel HD GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
Wireless Type802.11bgn802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
Number of USB Ports22
Average Battery Life9 Hours8 Hours
Weight3.3 pounds4.08
Dimensions8.90 x 12.90 x 0.80 inches13.56"W x 9.52"D x 0.81"H
Memory/Harddrive16 GB SSD16 GB SSD

Size and Display

The size of your Chromebook is really more of a personal preference.  The Toshiba is more compact, while the HP has a larger footprint and with that  a slightly larger screen at 14 inches.   The Toshiba is also a pound lighter than the HP.  Although the HP is larger, the Toshiba has reportedly a brighter display and looks slightly better, but both resolutions are the same.  The HP also comes in a variety of colors, with many users commenting on the Peach and Turquoise colors as something that you don’t normally seen in a laptop and they like that unique look.


Both Chromebooks come with what is known as Haswell Micro Architecture, which is the latest technology in Chromebooks and helps with speed and performance.  The Toshiba though only comes with 2GB of RAM and the HP 14 has the flexibility of a 4GB model.  That model though does usually cost around $50 more than the 2GB model, but might be worth it especially if you find yourself watching a lot of video on your Chromebook.  The other plus of the HP 14 4GB model is that it comes with 4G and two years of free access from T MOBILE, that includes 200 MB a month of data.   Otherwise you might find yourself stuck if your somewhere without WiFi and can’t access some of the features of your Chromebook.   This might tip the advantage to the HP, because I love the free data and the extra RAM that you just don’t get in the Toshiba model.

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Toshiba and HP Chromebook Unboxing

Customer Reviews

Of course if you really want to find out what will work for you, why not here it from people who are using each machine every day.  Here is where you will find the customer reviews for the Toshiba 13 inch Chromebook and Here is where you will find customer reviews from users of the HP 14 inch Chromebook.  Find out which Chromebook is best for you.

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